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Shelli Courtney

Elev8 Yoga & Wellness
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Whitewright, Texas

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A friend of mine invited me to a yoga class in 2008. It was during a time of great inner turmoil. I was stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, isolated, had insomnia, depression & a truckload of self-doubt. I very reluctantly agreed to attend a yoga class, mostly to appease my well-meaning friend. The first class was awkward but I felt a small light inside of me begin to flicker. By the end of my second class, I was hooked. Yoga brought me a sense of peace. It gave me enough hope to get up every day and keep trying. It gave me permission to just be in the moment, to accept my true self - trauma, heartbreak, guilt, shame - all of it, all of me. It inspired me to grow. I realized yoga wasn't about self-improvement but about self-acceptance.

Yoga is the relationship between the body, the mind, and the breath. My goal as a yoga teacher is to provide a space where my students can begin to peel back the protective layers they have built around their hearts... a place where they have permission to find a quiet, still, safe place free from the noise of everyday life and the expectations of it. The strength and flexibility will happen as they begin to grow within their own practice. I am simply a facilitator of self-acceptance through the integration of the mind, body, and breath.

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Saturday, May 7

7:00am CDT